What we do

This is what we can do

  • we can help you to choose where you live
  • we can help you to choose who you live with
  • we can help you to choose who supports you

This is how we do it

With the help of your family and friends we help you to make a person centred plan

  • a person centred plan is a way of using drawings and words to record your hopes and dreams
  • a person centred plan is a way for us, your family and friends to listen to you and support you to make your dreams happen
  • a person centred plan tells us all of the people who you’d like to be involved and all of the people who need to be involved to make things happen

On your plan we write the names of all the people who you want to help you and also the people who you might need to help you to make it happen; this will mostly be your friends and family and the people who you really trust to make sure we get it right for you.

On your plan we can record where you want to live

  • in the town or in a village or the countryside; In a flat or a house or bungalow; by yourself or with a friend or with your husband or wife.

On your plan we can record who you want to live close to

  • next to your old school pal; near to your boyfriend or girlfriend; close to your family; close to a special friend

On your plan we can record what kind of person you would like to support you

  • someone quiet; someone who loves loud music and dancing; someone who enjoys football or cricket or some other sport; someone who loves shopping; someone older; someone younger, there are lots of different choices you can make.

On your plan we can record all the things you like to do

  • sporty things like football, swimming, riding
  • arty or creative things like painting, drawing, drama, making nice things
  • doing college courses in things you want to learn more about

On your plan we can record all the things that are really important to you

  • going to the cinema, clubs, the theatre and shows regularly
  • going to football, tennis, cricket and supporting your team
  • going to the gym regularly
  • having regular manicures and beauty treatments
  • having your hair done
  • having weekends away or holidays in nice places
  • cooking for family and friends
  • going to nice restaurants and eating places
  • spending time with the person you love
  • having a pet
  • getting a paid job
  • doing voluntary work